personalised brass dog tag necklace by armydogtags

personalised brass dog tag necklace by armydogtags

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A set of two army-style dog tags, in brass, supplied with chains and silencers and embossed with your message.

Our bright brass dog tag sets make a great little gift, with space for a special message. These tags are in the same US Army style as our steel tags, and have a rolled edge.

Use the personalisation options to add information such as name, date of birth, an anniversary date, the names of your family, or a special message for a loved one.

The embossed text will never wear off, so our dog tags are also great for carrying medical or emergency contact information. They can be used as luggage ID tags, or even for dogs.

Each tag set is supplied with two silencers, and a set of two chains (one long and one short). You can wear them military-style as one necklace with one tag on the long chain, and the second tag attached with the short chain, as in the picture, or use them separately. The silencers can be used to stop the tags from clinking when worn together.

We supply all our tags with personalisation and you can have different messages on each tag. Because we use a genuine American Army embossing machine, we are restricted to the characters used by the military in their specifications. The following characters are available:

Capital letters (no accents): ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Digits 0123456789

Punctuation: . , ; / ' - (full-stop, comma, semicolon, forward-slash, apostrophe hyphen and space)

Please note that there is no + sign, so if you want to include blood group information, the standard army designation is "POS" and "NEG".

There is space on the tags for 5 lines of text, and a fixed number of characters is available on each line: Line 1 and line 5: 13 characters eachLine 2, 3 and 4: 14 characters each

made from:

Dog tags: brass

Chains: brass

Silencers: silicone


Dog tag: 5cm x 2.8cm

Long chain: 69cm

Short chain: 11.5cm

Weight (of complete set): 28g